Joseph, Utah

The Weekender – April 30-May 2, 2021

The Weekender – April 30-May 2, 2021


The weekender if for those that want to just get away for a weekend. Its a Friday-Sunday and packed with trails and experiences in a shorter time frame!

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Day 1: Guests arrive around 3 pm, we pick tents settle in and have an appetizer. After all guests arrive we saddle and go for a ride. Once we return from our ride we will have dinner and enjoy each other around the campfire

Day 2: Wake up to the aroma of the outdoors, join us for breakfast at 9. After breakfast we get ready to set out for a 4-5 hour ride enjoying lunch on the trail. As we ride we take in the beauty of the outdoors and have plenty of picture opportunities. After the days ride we will come back to clean up and have appetizers, with dinner served later that evening.

Day 3: For those that would like to get up with the sunrise we ride out at daylight for an early morning ride and return in time for breakfast. After breakfast we visit and get ready to depart at whatever time you want to leave.

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April 30 – May 2 / 2021