Joseph, Utah

Couples Getaway: April 22-25, 2021

Couples Getaway: April 22-25, 2021


Couples package gives you a discount for booking together!

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Day 1:   Guests arrive whenever they can get there from their various origins. They chose their tent, and settle in. We have a Meet and Greet cocktail hour, allowing the guests to relax from their travels and get acquainted. Our wranglers will match you to your horse and get you fit to a saddle. We will have an orientation about the proper protocol when riding in the fragile desert environment, viewing sites,

Each evening we’ll serve a fresh gourmet meal, with dessert being served around the campfire. Each meal will be posted on our menu board outside the kitchen tent in advance.

Day 2:   As the sun is coming up, you’ll enter our spacious cook tent to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Breakfasts are served by 8:00. After breakfast we prepare a gourmet lunch, and you chose your accompanying snacks. We try to be in the saddle between 9-10:00.

Today we ride out from camp into the vast landscape experiencing spectacular 360 degree views. This ride is a chance to bond with your mount and work out any adjustments that may be necessary. It is approximately four hours long.

Day 3: We will be riding through spectacular country where you can view the beauty and vastness of the Waterpocket Fold, an expansive uplift of sedimentary rock, sandstone, shale and limestone that folded upwards some 70 million years ago, after having deposited over 200 million years ago, resulting in massive cliffs, pinnacles, towers, arches and domes.

Day 4: We have a Farewell Breakfast, where we all enjoy one last meal together and talk about the experiences we have had. Following breakfast and awards, guests are free to depart, but they sure don’t want to!

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April 22 – 25 / 2021