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Western Style Glamping and Equine Adventures

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Equine Adventures

Each day we ride the unique and ancient landscape of the Capitol Reef area, in south central Utah.  Our guests ride kind, well trained ranch quarter horses. Riding experience is not necessary. 

Food, Fire & Fellowship

We aspire to have our guests tap into their own inner strength, to discover their personal cowgirl essence in this wild part of the west. Each retreat validates that vision with life changing experiences.

Western Glamping

The glamping aspect caters to you gals who want to have upscale accommodations, while still experiencing the renewing aspects of camping outdoors.  We are secluded with no cell service, immersed in solitude and silence. 

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Ride the surrounding landscape and view layers of various rock forms spanning millions of years in existence

We limit our retreats to 6-8 guests who stay 4 nights and ride 3 days. Due to the high desert climate, we only offer 3 retreats in the spring and 3 in the fall, striving to capture the optimum weather. Days average in the 80’s and the night can be 40-50 degrees.

Private Groups
Book with a $1,000, non-refundable deposit
Mini Mother & Daughter Retreat
$650 per person
The Weekender

$775 per person
The Cowgirl
$1650 per person, women only 
The Rancher
$2450 per person 

Discounts for bringing your own horse. 

Deposit. It is suggested that you do this early.

Contracts will be sent out at the time of booking.


April 22-25
Couples Getaway

April 26-29
The Cowgirl

April 30-May 2
The Weekender

May 7-9
Mother’s Day Weekender

May 14-16
Mother/Daughter Retreat



Day 1:   Guests arrive around 3pm from their various origins. They chose their tent, and settle in. We have a Meet and Greet cocktail hour, allowing the guests to relax from their travels and get acquainted. Our wranglers will match you to your horse and get you fit to a saddle. We will have an orientation about the proper protocol when riding in the fragile desert environment, viewing sites.

Each evening we’ll serve a fresh gourmet meal, with dessert being served around the campfire. Each meal will be posted on our menu board outside the kitchen tent in advance.

Day 2:   As the sun is coming up, you’ll enter our spacious cook tent to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Breakfasts are served by 8:00. After breakfast we prepare a gourmet lunch, and you chose your accompanying snacks. We try to be in the saddle between 9-10:00.

On this first day we ride out from camp into the vast landscape experiencing spectacular 360 degree views. This ride is a chance to bond with your mount and work out any adjustments that may be necessary. It is approximately four hours long.

Day 3: We will be riding through spectacular country where you can view the beauty and vastness of the Waterpocket Fold, an expansive uplift of sedimentary rock, sandstone, shale and limestone that folded upwards some 70 million years ago, after having deposited over 200 million years ago, resulting in massive cliffs, pinnacles, towers, arches and domes. The Waterpocket Fold spans 100 miles.

Day 4: Following our Farewell Breakfast, we will have our traditional Awards ceremony. As we have become acquainted with our guests, we choose small, fun gifts that we match to their personality or experience on the trail. This is always great fun!

Following breakfast and awards, guests are free to depart, but they sure don’t want to!

Guests generally fly into Salt Lake City, rent a car, and drive to camp. That is approximately 4 ½ hours away. Other airport options are St. George, Utah, and Grand Junction, CO. Grand Junction is the closest, being just 3 hours away. It is a small airport, so options are limited. St. George is 4 hours away.

Depending on flight arrivals, guests can book a room at a number of hotels in the nearest town of Torrey, driving approximately 45 minutes to camp the following day.

Visit the ONLINE REGISTRATION page to book your adventure!

It is suggested to book as early as possible to ensure a spot!

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